Vision, Mission and Core Values

FIPAMS Institute conducts its programs and activities guided by overreaching vision/mission/ values and Belief Statements. All revisited periodically and appropriately


To be a regional Centre for Excellence in Business, ICT, Health Science , Management Studies and Social Sciences.


To provide high quality training and professional skills in Management, Accountancy, Health, Information and Communication Technology and the other related areas through collaboration, training, research and business Consultancy in order to produce competent professionals and managers of integrity to meet the competitive market demands locally, National and Internationally.


In FIPAMS we embrace a unique blend of values directed at achieving the highest standards of scholarship and the highest level of commitment to society.

We Value:

  • Respect, honesty and integrity
  • Diversity in all its dimensions (Ideas, people and place)
  • Free and open exchange in ideas
  • Responsibility, risk taking and innovation
  • Commitment to scientific rigor , academic excellence and entrepreneurship
  • Dedication to applying knowledge to public needs.
  • Collegiality and Collaboration
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